The white cat stretches his claws and wants to attack the orange cat. This scene is just taken by the owner, and the expression is good!

Have you ever encountered it, but when you are doing something that is not glorious, it is just discovered by others?If you happen to be photographed by someone else, how awkward!You definitely want to delete all the photos!Not only humans, but sometimes animals are photographed when they are secretly doing something. It is also very interesting.


There is such a netizen who has two cats in the family.On one day, netizen is resting at home, and both cats are lying in bed with him.The orange cat is lying in front and the white cat is lying in the back.At this time, the owner wants to take a photo of them.As a result, the white cat behind seems to want to secretly do a bad thing, lift the claws up and prepare to attack the orange cat!The moment of this sneak attack was just taken by the owner!


This photo is really interesting,The orange cat doesn’t know what’s going to happen, and he’s still lying on his side, watching the owner.And the white cat has already stretched out his claws to scare the orange cat, and the eyes are full of drama!Orange Cat: Do you want to take a photo? Then I have to put a pose!White Cat: This orange cat always grabs my limelight, I have to give it a lesson!Give you a claw and scare your little heart!


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