Important declaration about Allenme

Allenme have pause to work with YOUTUBE. All the videos are posted on our official website. If re – enabled, we will be notified. Thank you, Allenme fans!

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  1. Lovely image of princess Huahua!????????
    A LOT of Youtube fans & followers of the Allenme families are hurting with the knowledge of what has been done to the channel. We are all hoping that any misunderstandings can be sorted out SOON. I personally am of the firm opinion that the Allenme families and handlers should file lawsuit against those trying to defame the channel’s character as well as taint the integrants’ image with FALSE accusations. Some haters of Allenme have stolen videos from the channel and, in spite of the shut down they STILL continue to share supposedly “prohibited” footage. If Youtube claimed that Allenme was shut down for non compliance of rules then other people/channels should NOT be allowed to upload and share them either! One hater is claiming to have had the help of PETA dotORG in shutting ALLENME down along with ‘reports’ from a gang of cyber predators who kept reporting ALLENME without base, which is utterly absurd! LAWSUIT is written all over this scenario. I am in support of Allenme. I strongly suggest that you pursue this litigation against Youtube and the haters who are using your visual/intellectual property/ materials without concent AND for damaging purposes.
    GOOD LUCK ALLENME, HUAHUA, COCO, NAIDOU, XIAOMILI, XIN & ANN & Co., MR BEAN-HANDAU, HAHA & HEHE, and all the other lil monkey princesses and princes with all your humans!??

    1. I hope you do sue the people that had the Allen me site taken down. They deserve it for spreading lies, making completely false statements, such as, “she killed a monkey” or “she starves the little monkeys”. How can they know that in watching just short minute videos? They can not know what is going on with these monkeys and, frankly, it is none of their business. Those monkeys were not abused. Some of the training is not what I am used to doing or seeing, but the training the little monks received has gone on for years and years. Why is it just now deemed abuse? Now, the ones that put the Allen me channel down so badly has the very same videos up and monetized so they can make the YouTube money instead of the ones that did the work to have those videos…I am very mad about it and I hope you sue the pants off of each and every one of those people.

      1. Yep, you are absolutely right through & through. I have been trying to allert the Allen me handlers about this and go to these “channel abusers” who spread lies about Allen me subjects to counteract and do justice against all the rubbish they have been spreading. They use predatory grooming tactics to defame the monkey owners’ characters, instigating hype through fabricated histeria to fuel the naïve sentiments of those viewers who don’t know any better…. It is criminal. They are dissiminating hatred based on pure speculation, and, as you mention, some are now using THE SAME VIDEOS they helped take down to lure folks into their phony channels with stolen videos. Some clips have reached hundreds of thousands of views, many many are getting over 30 thousand views which puts them in the monetizing category as is, and they have thave the BALLS to blatantly claim that their channel is not monetizing (as if!).
        Something DOES NEED to be done about it for sure. Allen me always had a copyright clause under it’s videos asking viewers to request permission for reuse, now THIS! One youtube hater claimed he/she went to Peta dot org for help. The org might have worked it’s influence to draw credibility in the wrongful claim against Allen me. If this is true then Allen me should also sue Peta… There are thousands of videos of pet dogs wearing clothes and being taught tricks on youtube. Why isn’t Miss Peta trying to shut those down? It’s absurd. Here are the names of the most active haters of Allen me using the “shut down” videos TO THEIR BENEFIT:
        This user has gone as far as claim that Huahua was dead, is one of the most aggressive, escapegoating Huahua’s human mom , vilifying her and lying about her character! This user claimed to have Peta against Allen me.
        *Tassilo 3*
        Has LOTS of Allen me videos up and bundles them with other STOLEN Meipai videos from rough monkey owners who are NOT in the Allen me group… Since they cannot go after Meipai their frustrations make them turn to Allen me. They are NOW planning a bust to the Pets College channel (beware).
        *Tanna Eros*
        With the same bs about monkeys not being bipedal as the others (an absolute fallacy) and false claims of abuse this user is getting A LOT OF hoopla with stolen videos.
        *Rhanna Scotia*
        Another hater with lots of clicks & views.
        *Style X*
        The most verbally violent of the supporting haters.
        *Arroz marisco*
        Trying to viralize his own reports of the semi-wild Hong Kong roadside monkeys (he has a video diary on them) uses Meipai and Allen me videos as BAIT to lure viewers, fueling false claims against pet monkey owners…
        There is a huge network of support users who don’t have channels with videos but have been recruited to “work” on the taskforce to destroy Allen me. Amongst them *abigdumbgayidiot*, *captain navarro*, and *GTmorrow* are the most vocal, obnoxious, verbally abusinve bullies. There is also a* Dr Pearl* who CLAIMS to be a monkey specialist vet. I suspect a lie. My brother is a professor of veterinarian anatomy with a PHD in Brazil and his social network page has literarutre posted, and other works reported. This supposed Dr Pearl has NOTHING on his youtube account, not even an AVATAR… Smells like bullsh*t.
        Allen me should go after THEM ALL if you ask lil old me.

        1. I simply can’t find the community guideline that Allen me had against them. I have gone over each one and it is simply not there. The owner of the Allen me channel should go back on YouTube and flag each of their videos that the others (some mentioned above)have now put on their channel. These people are committing a copyright infringement against The Allen me channel and it should be stopped.

  2. I love allenme’s monkey videos. Just watching them has
    often made my day. Baby monkeys in the wild are subject
    to all kinds of abuse, and seldom develop into happy adults.
    Allenme shows us little monkeys who are healthy and
    intelligent, and that they are trainable. Monkeys should
    be given a chance with humans. Otherwise, thanks to
    loss of habitat , and to science labs who kills them by the
    dozens, monkeys will eventually become extinct. Their
    only real hope is to become domesticated.

    1. Yep, I totally agree. Monkeys becoming pets is just a natural progression, from an actual ANCIENT habit amongst certain societies just as canines and felines were once wild and were modified by humans, becoming the pets they are today. There is NO denying it. Primate environment is being DEVASTATED as we speak. Like you said, monkey pets are actually a good thing for their populations, if done with ethics, and careful selection, responsibility. Better seeing them being pampered in homes than being TORTURED IN TEST LABS, used as PORNOGRAPHY SUBJECTS, and as FOOD… Big apes are the only primates not suited as pets, for the common human household. Monkey advocates should stick with the cause against pet APES, only. IMHO.

      1. We are ANXIOUSLY WAITING TO SEE HUAHUA again!???. I am waiting to see all the regular lil boy monkeys and girl monkeys along with Huahua’s videos. We LOVE THEM ALL!??? ????????

      2. Don’t let the trolls bring down your Bridge girl you’re still kicking ass and that is one adorable monkey I’m all for keeping an animal trained I have pitbulls they’re not easy to train I know how it is but if you stick with it they become the most amazing animals and you have proven that????

    1. I kow it… I am anxious to see Huahua in new outfits, strutin’ her lovely self, cuddling with her mom & playing with her friends! Her mom is SUCH TALENTED SEAMSTRESS! I suspect she works with fashion. ❤

  3. I am so happy I found this website I went through every single video I could find and I found zero evidence of the awful things they were saying those babies are so pampered and spoiled their owner obviously loves them not only just to make clothes for them so they’re not cold in the winter but even brushes their teeth how many pet owners can say they do that on a daily basis I appreciate it and I love your videos and I cannot wait to see more of those cute little babies!

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