Quickly master 4 skills of raising dogs to teach you how to feed your young correctly

In life, many pet owners like to domesticate their pets from their infancy, so as to promote the affection between people and dogs. Today, I would like to share with you how to properly raise puppies.

First, when feeding puppy puppies, we must pay attention to the dog’s diet.

The puppy’s body development is not complete, especially its intestines and stomach are still in sensitive period, that is to say, the intestines and stomach of the pet puppy are very fragile at this time. Many pet lovers do not master the feeding skills at this time, and it is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases and even death of dogs due to improper feeding. When feeding puppies, be sure to let the dogs eat less and feed more times a day. When a dog is young, he does not know whether he is hungry or full. If you feed too much at a time, it will be difficult for the dog to digest and absorb, and it is also easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases. When feeding puppies, it is best to go to a pet store and choose pure natural dog food, and it is best to choose high-quality dog food. When feeding, a fixed amount should be given to the puppies each time. Feeding should not exceed 4 times a day at most to ensure the nutrition required for the growth of the puppies.

Second, when feeding puppies, we must pay attention to the dog’s hygiene.

As mentioned earlier, the puppy’s body is not yet fully developed. At this time, the dog has the worst resistance. Because of the poor resistance, it is very easy to be infected by various germs. After being infected by germs, it is very easy to suffer from various diseases. Therefore, when raising pet dogs, they must always take care of their hygiene. Just over a month ago, dogs cannot take a bath at this time. You can wipe the dog’s body with a wet towel. Wait for the pet dog to grow up before bathing it. Daily utensils for dogs and dogs should also be cleaned frequently, such as small toys for dogs, feeding pots for dogs, etc. Also, the dog’s kennel should be cleaned frequently, and the cushions and other things laid in the kennel should be cleaned frequently and disinfected. Only by ensuring the cleanliness of the living environment of the dogs can the health of the dogs be ensured and the dogs become stronger and stronger in their growth.

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