The netizen took the huskies to play. He didn’t expect it to fall asleep on the green belt.

Many people now have their own pets, but they usually seldom accompany them because of their works. They can only take them out at night or on weekends.So in the evening you will see a lot of people walking with their pets to a nearby park or square, but do pets really like to go for a walk in the evening?


There is such a netizen who has only a huskies in the family.He is also an office worker and can only take it out at night.This night, the netizens took it out as usual, and as a result walked away, they found that the Huskies were gone!The netizens went back and looked carefully, and finally found it on the green belt on the roadside!It turned out that the Huskies stuck the whole body on the green belt, and they fell asleep!


It seems that this dog is really tired, so it goes to sleep next to it!Is this dog not taking a break at home during the day, so it is very tired at night!And it really looks for a place to sleep, the owner almost didn’t find itHusky: No, I have to take a day off during the day. I really have no energy to walk anymore. Let me sleep for a while!


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