4 Comments on “Today is pocket monkey Huahua’s birthday,love you forever”

  1. I just ?LOVE this birthday video of Huahua!?? She enjoyed her pretty fruity cake SO MUCH and she showed her mom SO MUCH LOVE! Huahua is truly special and adorable. If I was a Chanel creative director I would pitch the creation of a new fragrance for teens, called “Huahua”! And I would DEFINITELY hire baby Huahua to be the face of the fragrance in a multi-million euro contract for this baby girl & mom!
    Picture this as the intro campaign work:
    “She is delicate, and graceful, yet assertive and sparkly… She is Huahua, the new teen fragrance by CHANEL”. Along with a lovely video of Huahua in a lil version of the greatest flowy Chanel gown. ?

  2. This video is SO DARN CUTE I just keep coming back to it! I confess I do watch Huahua and Coco videos repeatedly until a new one is up. I do that with all these lil guys and gals too. Which begs the question where has ??princess ?Huahua? been to lately! The weather is getting warmer in her home town again so I am imagining her mom is making something new for her to wear. A Spring jumper, or spring dress?????????? I would love to see another one of those dress-making videos again and maybe Huahua can wear it on an outing with her lovely human sister!!! #Adorables ??

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