2 Comments on “The story of a little monkey and a blanket”

  1. OH MY GOODNESS PRECIOUS! They sure are growing healthy and happy! I didn’t recognize if this is darling Maodou, Naidou, Xiaomili, or another one but boy what a cutie. Even reminds me of Mr Bean (Handau) the way she jumps around exploring her home. And grooming her dad! SUPER ADORABLE!
    ??????? I LOVE seeing them going out with their families! Sightseeing, viewing the world around them. The moment with the blankie was SO CUTE too, very child-like!

  2. I think this is Maodou. The pretty mahogany (or rosewood?) settee is the same as in the Maodou video where he gets grandpa’s visit, right. ADORABLE MAODOU!????

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