2 Comments on “Short legs are running fast- Funny and cute monkey video 2018”

  1. It’s lovely to see these early videos of Coco & Huahua ??? but where are the new videos of them? We want new videos! I know that they are making new friends, going places, seeing things… We want to see that!!!?????????
    the fans of Allen me say Thhank You!

  2. I am so glad you are still putting out videos of these precious little gems… Coco and Huahua are so cute.. I agree with Luna, we need new videos, what are they doing now, how much have they grown.. It is lovely to see them all so happy and healthy…How are Nadou, Milli, Xin and Mohdau doing now?…I could watch them all day, Bean is so funny, he makes me giggle every time I watch him… It would be lovely to see some new babies too, Bomi is a real beauty.

    Sadly, I am relieved to see that Haha and Hehe are not included here.. I really feel for them and this owners other monkeys… they are so lovely, but it is hard to watch them in such torment, it breaks my heart. Unfortunately, unlike all of the others, I was unable to defend this owners actions.
    It was painful to see the way all of the horrible people on YouTube began to accuse all of your dedicated owners of such abuse, when there was clearly no evidence…Some people even believed that all of these babies belonged to one person…it was ridiculous, even after pointing out that the owners lived thousands of miles apart in many cases. We did attempt to talk to them and tried to reason…. but they were unmoving and abusive towards us too. They had been fed so many lies and let their imaginations run away with them by the people stealing your videos… Tassilo 3, Tanna Eros, abigdumb gayidiot, Ravenger and more recently Praba Karen and others. Even when shown the evidence, they refused to listen to reason…Under the circumstances closing the channel was by far the best option…but don’t let them beat you.

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