A group of adorable puppies shots

When it comes to the topic of keeping pets, some may think it is a waste of both time and money; some people, may find it is a great joy. As for me, I hold that keeping pets can bring me happiness.
Firstly, keeping pets can keep us company when we feel lonely. As we know that it is impossible for us to stay with others all the time, and sometimes we have to stay all by ourselves. At this time we may feel lonely, if you have a pet, it will help to keep company with you. You can play with your pet and regard it as your friend.
Secondly, keeping pets makes our world more harmonious. Animals are good friends to us human beings; it will make our world more harmonious to build friendship with them.
Last but not least, keeping pets makes us more patience. Animal needs careful cares, and we need bath them, feed them and take them out every day, which is time consuming. If we have a pet and can do that every day, we will become more patient.
In a word, keeping pets can keep us company, make our world more harmonious and make us more patient, so I think it is a great for us to keep pets.

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