The ten most loyal dogs in the world, What kind of dog is most loyal to the owner?

The dog is the most loyal friend of human. More and more people like to keep dogs now. Do you know what a dog is most loyal to the owner? Today is the ten most loyal dog in the world for everyone.They are: Chinese pastoral dogs, Labrador Retriever, golden retriever, border collie, Chow Chow, Doberman, Papillon, Akita dog, Rottweiler, German Shepherd dog.

1.Chinese pastoral dogs

Chinese pastoral dog, the traditional name “dog”, in some parts of the north, it is called “Chai dog”. It belongs to a mammalian carnivore, canine, canine subfamily, After growing up, its shoulder is about 40~60 centimeters high and weighs about 15~35 kilograms. It is a native breed of native dogs that need to be saved. The Chinese pastoral dog is very similar to the early wolves, the Chinese wolves and the prairie wolves, with short mouth and flat forehead. China dog is mainly distributed in the the Great Wall to the South and east of the Tibetan Plateau, in the central region as the center of the low altitude Han cluster, It is widely found in Chinese Han Rural and Southeast Asia. Now the Chinese pastoral dog is widely used as a pet dog in the urbanization. The Chinese pastoral dog is a product of the Chinese Han nationality for thousands of years of farming society. It is a living fossil of history and culture. It is called the “Chinese dog”.

2.Labrador Retriever

Labrador, also known as the retriever, is a large breed of dogs. The reference price is 1600-8000 yuan. It is a very suitable breed for a guide dog or a subway police dog and a search and rescue dog and other working dog chosen to go in and out of the public. It was named since its origin in Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada. With the Siberia sled dog and the golden retriever tied for three non aggressive dogs. Labrador IQ ranks sixth in the world. Personality, honest, loyal, atmosphere, mild sunshine, cheerful, lively, highly intelligent, but also friendly to people, The Labrador Retriever has four colors: black, yellow, chocolate, and white. The most common are black, yellow. Labrador in the American dog club is the most registered breed at present and is particularly friendly to children.

3. Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever is also called the golden hound. It is a relatively modern and popular breed of dogs. Its origin is Scotland, England, The price is between 500-4500 yuan, It’s one of the most common dogs. Because it’s easy to keep, Patience and not much demand for the owner, As long as regular exercise, food and veterinary physical examination will be all right. The unique feature of the golden hair is its pleasing character, which is a well proportioned, powerful and lively breed of dogs. The character is stable, the body parts are reasonable, the leg is not too long and unclumsy, the expression is friendly, the personality is warm, the alert, the confident and not afraid of life. The golden dog was the first kind of retriever. Most of them are now a guide dog and a pet dog. Very friendly to a child or a baby. The golden dog is the fourth place in the world.

4. Border collie

The border sheepdog, native to the Scotland border, is one of the Collie’s shepherds.The shepherd has a strong instinct, the nature of intelligent, It can understand the master’s instructions accurately.By looking at the eye, it drives the sheep to move or rotate.It has been used as a shepherd dog for many years, ranking first in the world.It is characterized by intelligence, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, good communication with humans, mild, loyal and obedient, and the loyalty level can be described as follows.Due to the mild loyal character is not barking, became the most domesticated pet city population.And the border sheepdog is the most competitive breed of the frisbee and is the leading role of the world cup.

5.Chow Chow

Chow is a native of Tibet Chinese ancient dog, at least 2000 years of history.Some cultural relics can also be seen in the Han Dynasty.The real name is Xiao Xiao,Chow is to enter into the foreign, to name Chinese.English Chow Chow, often referred to as Chow, is a very old breed, and may be named because of its head like a lion.Chow, noble and beautiful in nature in a body, a face of sad expression typical more fun.Now the dog lovely appearance has been regarded as an ideal Home Furnishing pet, mainly as a companion dog.In general, its weight is about 20kg, height about 50 centimeters, and life is 12-15 years old; it is more gentle, and can be used as hunting dog, towing dog, escort dog and companion dog.


The Doberman is a Benedictine dog. Originating in Germany,It is named after Mr. Luis Dubinman, who is the name of the strain, and is the most intelligent and the most noble body in all the strains.The Doberman is dual-use military and police dogs, at the same time there are also some people will not cut the ear and tail of the Doberman as the hounds.In domestic doberies are usually used for guard and hunting. The most important problem in the process of raising a Doberman is the problem of ears. The Doberman’s nursing is very simple. The Doberman needs to cut ears. The quality of the ears decides the appearance and temperament of the Dubin.It is also necessary for canine people to know the common dog disease and breeding behavior for dogs and dog owners themselves.

7. Papillon

The butterfly dog, named Papillon in English, is also known as the sphenoid and Babylon dog. It is named as a dancing butterfly because of the erect ornamental of the long hair on the ear.It is 20-28 centimeters tall, weighs 2-5 kilograms, and life is 10-14 years old.Originated in sixteenth Century, originating in Spain, it is one of the oldest species in Europe.The butterfly dog, formerly known as the “squirrel hunting dog”, was named after a tail like squirrel raised toward the back.The most special is that he a pair of eye-catching big ears, and dainty and cute posture, so many women who love beauty. It is lively and flexible, flexible and flexible, and easy to be close to it. It is warm and warm to the host, but it is very exclusive, and it will be jealous of the third.

8. Akita dog

The Akita dog(あきたいぬ/アキタイヌ) is a Japanese dog and a family pet dog in Japan.The Akita dog is the largest breed of Fox and dog in Japan. This large fox dog is also quite attractive even in many countries such as Europe and the United States.In Japan, Akita is a national historical and cultural significance of the dog dog, a dog, the faithful dog Hachiko is famous in the world, is a large dog only national natural monument in Japan in the specified.The dog is very brave, oxyesthesia, loyal and wise, many stories about its loyalty.Akita county is the birthplace of Akita dog. It is mountainous in the north of the region and is very cold in winter.Akita dogs are competent working dogs and watchdogs. Villagers often take dogs to hunt wild boars and bears. The most powerful skill of dogs is hunting hunters in snow or water, and then returning them to their owners.

9. Rottweiler

Rottweiler, Latin name: Rottweiler, is a canine dog’s animal, canine body strong, rapid action, momentum is powerful, has the courage and strength of dog breeds in the world, the general body height 56-69cm, weight 38-59kg. Rottweiler was used to guard the cattle breed is strong and intelligent easy to close.Now it is well received in the police dog, and it can also be a very valuable family dog.For outstanding Rottweiler dogs, can attack the intruder.In order to let the dogs do obey orders, breeders should be strict training, Rottweiler guard was born with talent, the middle ages, wealthy businessmen in order to avoid the money stolen, put the purse hanging on the neck of rottweiler.The dog has a strong personality, very emotional, and can also be a family partner.

10.German Shepherd dog

German shepherd, alias German shepherd, is often said: German shepherd,The dog is said to be native to Germany, and the only thing that can be confirmed is that in 1880 the dog had been fixed in all parts of Germany and used as a shepherd.They are agile and fit the action – based working environment, and they are often deployed in various tasks.Then in the first World War by the German Army recruitment, as dogs.After the German army made up for a long time, it was basically established.Because tall body, the appearance of the mighty, and have a strong ability to work, so all over the world to dogs, police dogs, rescue dogs, guide dogs, dogs, watch dogs, dogs and other pets and active identity.

What kind of dog do you have? What kind of fun do they add to your life?

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