A complete video of bathing and wearing pocket monkey Huahua

First of all, I’d like to introduce my little baby, She was born on Feb. 6, 2017. Her tail is short. No special body odor and odor. The character is more meekly and very sticky. In particular, this kind of monkey is raised from childhood, and most of them think of their owners as their parents.It’s very loving.It is a omnivorous animal that loves fruit, bread, and sugar food.
She likes to swim. In summer, I take a bath every day. In the winter, give her a bath for two days. If a little monkey gets cold, it will catch a cold, too. Taking care of her is also a very meticulous job.
Here is a complete video of bathing and wearing pocket monkey Huahua:

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8 Comments on “A complete video of bathing and wearing pocket monkey Huahua”

  1. What species of monkey is she? When I look up “pocket monkey”, I get pictures of Pygmy Marmosets (Cebuella pygmaea) but this is clearly not one of those.
    She’s charming, she looks like a little pixie!

  2. Perhaps your translation program is making a mistake. It’s certainly made rather a bad job of the “Ten Most Loyal Dogs” posting. Do these monkeys have any other name? As I say, when I look up “pocket monkey” I see only marmosets. Hua Hua is clearly no marmoset, cute though marmosets are. It’s rather a mystery what she can be! What’s the Latin name of these monkeys, do you know?

  3. This early bathing video of Huahua is SO SPECIAL. Truly Amazing how well she behaves. 💎💦🐵🚿🛀🐒💝 #PRICELESS

  4. The Huahua shirts & shopping totes came out SO NICE!!!!

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